Closing AP in 2 parts


There are 2 types of invoices that go through Accounts Payable: PO Invoices, and Non-PO Invoices.
Is it possible to set the Earliest Apply Date separately for these 2 different kinds of invoices?

We want to “close” the prior month for PO Invoices, but leave it open for Non-PO Invoices.

Any help and/or suggestions are appreciated!


You could do a posting rule change that would force a PO invoice to be out of balance so it wouldn’t post.

Write a small BPM to enable this option.

What would this posting rule change look like? If the Apply Date is in the previous month that would initiate this rule? How could you force a PO invoice to be out of balance?

In the posting rule you could have some logic about the type of invoice and that it is past the Overall Earliest apply date.
This would then set the amount of the credit on the transaction to 0.

BTW - A BPM may help out here like @Srakesh0303 had suggested

I['m not sure how this works with a BPM, but there is a Group field in Suppliers. We have one group called “Non Product Related.” We use this for supplier on time delivery and approvals and filter out the non-product related suppliers.

Do you have an example of what this BPM looks like?