Closing Phase Jobs

So i have been working on this. I think i have run in to an issue with the limitation with the BPM widgets. What i am doing is Close all jobs that are open on a Project before the Close project method triggers (preprocessing) So i have a list of jobs that linked to a project and for whatever reason the job is either not complete or closed when they close the project.

So what i have been working on is trying to close all of the jobs that are still open on the project so i was able to get the list and update the tableset that i need for the job closing process. But i keep getting a message saying that JobClosingTablesset has more than one job needs only one to process.

How can get it to loop through all of the jobs listed in the table and close and complete them. Any help is appreciated. I am attaching the BPM here as well. CloseAttachedJobProjects.bpm (52.4 KB)