Closing Sales Order Line Without Job

Curious how people handle something like this:

Sales order was originally created with a line for 2pc of a manufactured part, and the job was created for 2pc.

Later, the sales order was split into two 1pc lines at customer request. But when we when to ship the job, we shipped 2pc on the first line, leaving the second line open. How do I move the overshipped quantity of 1 to the new line, or close that line for invoice.


Has the shipment been invoiced yet? If not, you can update the Customer Shipment. Uncheck ‘Shipped’, change line 1 to Qty 1 for Sales Order Line 1, add shipment line 2 for Qty 1 on Sales Order Line 2. Re-check ‘Shipped’ checkbox.

If you have already submitted the invoice, you could create a Cancellation Invoice, then update the shipment.