Cloud Upgrade 10.2.700 to 2021.x - Finance Steps Needed

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There may be some info on this somewhere, but we are finding different upgrade guides and nothing specifically about what needs to be closed out before this upgrade. Do we need to close batches? Run COS/WIP? Since this is not a migration, do we need to do anything with regards to balances? We have every intention on continuing transactions up until the 12AM cutoff from Epicor tonight. Any advice would be appreciated.


From the update guide:

1.4 Verify Prerequisites
Use these steps to verify the prerequisites prior to upgrading your Kinetic application.
1. Verify that the following financial groups have been posted:
• AR Cash Receipt Entry groups
• AR Invoice groups
• GL Journal Entry groups
• Payroll Check Entry groups
• AP Payment Entry groups
• AP Invoice groups
2. If you use Bank Reconciliation, you must use the Bank Reconciliation Entry to process your un-posted bank
statement, which may include posting or deleting. To do this:
a. Navigate to Financial Management > Accounts Payable > Operation Programs > Bank
Reconciliation Entry.
b. In Kinetic Help, review the Bank Reconciliation Entry topics for instructions on how to post bank
3. Use Review Journal to validate and post journal entries. To do that,
a. Navigate to Financial Management > General Ledger > General Operations > Review Journal.
b. Click the Journal Entry button to find and select the journal you want to review.
c. When the journal loads, the Has Errors button indicates if it needs corrections. Use the Errors and
Warnings nodes to select the errors. You can either correct the errors in the Transactions > Lines >
Detail sheet and post records with the Action > Journal Entry Confirmation command or cancel
them using the Actions > Journal Entry Cancellation command.
d. If your journal has pending records, review and post them using the Action > Journal Entry
Confirmation command of cancel them using the Actions > Journal Entry Cancellation command.
e. Repeat these steps for all your journals.
For more information on the Review Journal program, review Kinetic Help.
4. In Kinetic, calculate the work-in-process (WIP) and/or cost of sales (COS) for standard jobs, project jobs,
inventory, receipts, and adjustment transactions. To do this, go to Job Management and open Capture
COS/WIP Activity Process. For information on how to run this task, refer to the Job Management >
Operation Programs > Capture COS/WIP Activity Process in Kinetic Online Help.
5. Starting with Epicor version 10.2.300, the system supports Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS)
140-2 compliant encryption. If you are upgrading from a version prior to 10.2.300 and you want to use FIPS
encryption, you need to request a new license compatible with FIPS restrictions mode and import it before
installing the upgrade. To import a license file:
a. In the Epicor Administration Console, expand your Server Management > [server] > [application
b. Right-click the Licensing node and select Import License File.
c. Browse to the location where you previously downloaded the license code file. Select the file and click
Open to import the file.
Important You must upgrade to version 10.2.300 or later before you activate FIPS encryption. FIPS
encryption can be activated either on the operating system level in Windows Local Security Policy
management console or on the application level when registering or adding an application server in
Epicor Administration Console.
6. Verify that there are no active or pending tasks in the System Monitor. To do this:
a. In the System Tray, double-click the System Monitor icon.
b. In the System Monitor window, click the Active Tasks tab. From the Actions menu, select Display All
Tasks to show tasks from all users. Verify that there are no active tasks in the list. If any active tasks are
listed, verify that the tasks are completed prior to upgrading Kinetic.
c. Close the System Monitor.

Specifically, this guide found under the folder Kinetic > Version 2021.1:

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Thanks Aaron. I have this document.

I guess my question is because I came from an on-prem environment where we shut down transactions to do the upgrade and were concerned with balancing also. With the cloud, we are going to run up until we can’t anymore at midnight, but we are going to run the above steps earlier in the day.

Should we stop transacting before we run the above steps?

Nope, you can keep running transactions.
Just make sure the financial groups are posted and that you post COS/WIP and you should be good.

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When I was a SaaS user, we shutdown the system around 4:00 PM on Friday. We asked the Finance group to Post or Delete all posting groups as Aaron shows above. I ran a BAQ to capture all Active users (Active Flag in UserFile, not currently working) and used that to create a DMT to inactivate all non-Admin users. (Keep that file, you’ll need it for Sunday).

Then we’d run all the reports that link to balance sheet accounts: Trial Balance, Income Statement, Open AR, Open AP, Inv Stock Status, Deferred Revenue, Uninvoiced shipments, Uninvoiced Receipts, etc. I ran each of these three ways: PDF (visual checking), XML (xmldiff checking), and CSV (Accountants :man_shrugging:) .

< epi upgrade magic />

Once we receive the word that they were done. We did a quick check of Customizations, BPMs, etc. and reran all of the Balance Sheet reports and compared them. They should be the “same” - values but not run dates, etc.

Once we felt good, we’d flip the active flag in the DMT file and activated the users to allow them to log in. Key users would recheck their area. Doing this with DMT did not send an email with a password as would happen if you did this manually in the UI.

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Thanks Mark. I’d say this is the safest bet to make sure there are no transaction issues post-upgrade. Anyone know the risks of not stopping transactions?

Since we are upgrading this evening, we are already on the path of running COS/WIP by the close of business today, but we run a second shift that will continue to clock activities, issue and complete quantities. Hoping those transactions are not an issue post upgrade.

They shouldn’t. The difference between COS/WIP and the others is that the others use a posting Group so some GL Posting Rules magic as already gone on. If there are changes to those rules during the upgrade, you may get unexpected results. The COS/WIP just has the Report and Post so that should not be an issue.