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Can co parts be used to define a factory second or am I looking at it the wrong way?

We currently create a job for the parts on order and then need to create a second job for the 'seconds' to be reported against.  Looking for a way have one job and select 1st quality or 2nd in the same job with 2nd's not affecting the original order quantity.

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If I'm understanding your question right, the answer is yes. You're saying you make more than one part in the same process, right? The how to do it can be tricky. We started to use this to set up our bill of materials, but when we have this happen, the customer usually buys the parts in the specified sets. It should work if that doesn't happen too. I think we wrote up instructions if you want me to forward them. I'm not sure how to do that on this site. I don't see where I can attach a file. I think it hides e-mail addresses too. It might come through if you put it in the text. Mine is dean.chamberlain@... if you want to try e-mailing me.