Collections - more, better documentation?

Anyone interested in improved help/info for “collections”?

While Epicor help/information/details has improved greatly, info on collections still seems a little “light” to me? And ( I feel like ) I spend A LOT of time in tracking down details for collections. e.g. source tables/fields, calculations.

Not as sexy as new features are sexy but a lot of times all I really want is a quick, detailed explanation of what I’m seeing on a form.

i.e. not too helpful (to me, at least)

Gotta love when they basically just add the vowels back in and call it help.


Click on the “send feedback” link on the bottom right (I think) of Help. @Staci_Stahr_Cummings and her team get these and update the help.

Thanks @askulte I’ll get this over to the team for their review!

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