Color Coding of Kinetic Fields

I thought this would be an easy one, but I’m not seeing it there. We’re using Kinetic in the cloud. I would like to be able to set4 the background color on certain fields. But when I pulled it up in Application Studio, I couldn’t find that anywhere in the properties.

Say for example, I wanted to make the customer’s PO Number in Sales Order Entry have a green background, how would I go about doing that?

Kevin Simon

I looked all over and couldn’t find any color properties to set. :person_shrugging:

You should be able to use a row rule to set the field color. You only have the 4 options, though. Green (OK), Yellow (Warning), Red (Error), and Blue (Highlight).

You can make it a “no condition” rule if you always need it applied.

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Works great - gets me 90% of the way there. I went into ABC Code Entry, put row rule with no condition for status OK (green), then put row rules on certain fields when they’re zero to make Yellow, Blue or Red. Works well with numeric fields, assume they will work for text (no text fields in ABC Code Entry to test with).

The only couple things I noticed. First, I put the same “OK” with no condition on a CheckBox, I was hoping it would highlight the text - there’s nothing there to tell whether it was lit up.

Second, I was hoping also to put a color on the key field ABC Code. I tried adding the ABCCode field just like I added the other fields, but no highlighting. I noticed the ABCCode field’s epibinding is to KeyFields.ABCCode instead of ABCCode.ABCCode. I tried adding another row rule for the KeyFields view, but when I went to select the field to highlight, no fields were available.

Finally, to let you know what I’d trying to accomplish: I’m migrating this client from Vantage 6 up to Kinetic 2023/cloud, and there are a lot of struggles with all the fields on the screen. We had some discussion about options, one of which was to slim down the screens. I’m not a big fan of going through and hiding everything that’s not being used for a couple reasons. First, playing with the real estate has, in my experience, normally caused more headaches at upgrade time than they should. But perhaps more importantly, by hiding fields that are not in use NOW, people might miss out on new functionality - you lose the “what’s this” questions that can lead to better use of the software. So, we thought - let’s color code the fields that are critical for entry, which leaves the screens mostly as-is. Color Coding is pretty quick to add, should handle upgrades pretty well, and is an easy tool for understanding for pretty much any level of user.

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One of our customizations in the Smart Client uses an updatable dashboard and custom row rules with ControlSettings(). Is it possible add to a code block anywhere in App Studio?

Here is a sample updatable dashboard.

// Description: PaleTurquoise
ControlSettings myCustomSetting = new ControlSettings();

You’re SOL with that one.