Come Vote For My Idea to Allow Scheduled Tasks to be Changed!

I know this question has been asked before and the answer was no. But let’s see if anything has changed since then.

Anyone know if a Scheduled Task can be changed?

Sure! You just cancel the original task and reschedule it with the new details. :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

In all seriousness, I just voted on an idea to this effect:
Ability to cancel or restart a process | Epicor Kinetic Ideas (

I expected this to still not exist. I just created an idea.

Allow Scheduled Tasks to be Changed | Epicor Kinetic Ideas (

I’ve been able to do some adjustments with UBAQs. I’ve always wanted to create a screen to handle it but I’ve not had the time.

We update e-mail addresses on some tasks from time to time, and change the owners of tasks when we have turnover. Simple things like that.

Yeah, I know I could go the UBAQ route, but I don’t want to. :laughing:

Voted. This would be so so helpful. I have an updatable dashboard to update things like the email address or body on a scheduled report task, but that doesn’t help me when I want to change the report style, or modify MRP parameters.

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On this one I did not vote only because we are not cloud. I have to say, not being able to cancel tasks successfully from the system monitor has been a major frustration for me in the past, but shockingly it seems to actually work in 2022.2 (meaning, I can select the task in the system monitor and press delete and it actually cancels the task).