Commercial invoices for customs

Has anyone got a slick way of creating commercial invoices for customs purposes directly as a Crystal or SSRS report? There are fields for country of origin and the HS code, but quite a few other requirements for commercial invoices and at the moment we just create them on a word doc, but would be a lot better if it was an out put from customer shipment entry or something. Since Brexit we are creating 100s of these!

We are a Quickship customer and there is supposed to be built-in documentation packets for international. We are slowly heading that direction but we are not actually using it yet, so couldn’t really say if it is all that useful or not.

@as94 We just added the necessary field to our standard Order Ack report, then copied it, changed the Title to Commercial Invoice, and created a report style pointing to it. Now they can go into SO Tracker and print one when they need it. Maybe this will work for you?

At one site something similar except the commercial invoice was based on the shipments/pack slips rather than the sales order ack.
Since multiple shipments per order were common, this was easier for them to keep track.

Same here we made a style on BOL and I’ve seen styles on Pack Slip… so the right people can print them at the time of Packing Out / Shipping. It never made sense to be on Order Tracker / Order Entry because the people who prepare the paperwork won’t have access to those Screens (SOX).

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We made a custom SSRS report on PackSlip for this purpose. Back in E9 we had it on the OrderAck but moved it as our shipping guys are the ones who print it out.

I’m pinging on to this discussion as I’m interested in creating a commercial invoice too and am struggling. I have crated a custom SSRS report copying the PackSlip for this purpose. I have added all the Fields that I require. Everything looks great.
My problem is that I need the sum of the total amount shipped and the total weight shipped and the total lines.
Unfortunately my report is summing all the lines (there are duplicates that are hidden/filtered) and the sum is wrong. I’ve tried different combinations, but cannot get the sum or count function to work. anybody else has run into this problem and found a solution. Please advise. Thank you.