Company Maintenance fields not shown in BAQ

I am trying get SysCompany.EmailFromAddr from Company maintenance table. but fields are not shown in BAQ. Anyone has solutions for the issue. Please give your suggestions.

do you have the proper security to do this?

i did not set any configurations also i was trying with Security manager rights. But not able to get the fields of the table. Does it requires any settings?

can you get to company maintenance and see what you need in there?

Yes, in Company maintenance, field help it is showing SysCompany.EmailFromAddr, but not able to get using BAQ

ok, so if you can get to the company maintenance field, and you can see the data in the field that you are looking for, that should mean that it’s not a security issue.

Maybe Jose knows what else to look at.

Are you sure you didn’t add the fields to Erp.Company table instead?
Also did you add fields, -regen - recycle -> restart client?
I misread thought it was a custom field… Odd

Yeah I think I ran into this issue before, the fields aren’t in the field definition (maybe a security thing) however if you add a calculated field and just type in
It will work.

If that’s the case, it the calculated field you should be able to type syscompany. and then press Ctrl+Space and the fields might drop down so you can at least see what they are.



They probably won’t show in there either you’ll have to just type it. I have the same problem I think those fields were “hidden” in >300

I confirm that in .300, they don’t show up for me either, and the autofill trick doesn’t work either.

@Susai what version are you on?

@Rich Is this intended behavior?

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Yes. It’s working after entering the field name manually in Calculated field

Thanks Banderson, it’s working fine while using Calculation field.

Looks like a bug to me.

I have duplicated on non-cloud system with full manager rights so this is a base issue.


I happen to have a BAQ to pull this info, it works fine in 10.1.600.27