Company Separation - Multi Company Setup

We have always been a Multi-Site setup and now we have been taken over the business wants to separate the sites into separate companies. Our SSRS developer has developed all the custom SSRS reports using multi site setup, what would need to be changed to ensure that the reports are segregated by company and how, if someone had access to both companies would it be suggested to create a selection based on which company the report was for?

Off the top of my head, reports can be enabled/disabled by company. When you go to print a report, the current session will hold the company you are currently logged into and it will use that company information to generate the report. If you’re concerned about logos/addresses, they should follow suit with the company as you bounce between different companies. That’s assuming the SSRS developer wrote the reports to use the data contained in the tables from the RDDs - and didn’t hard code information into the report.