Company specific customization for ONE Company, other customization for all others

We had this working at one point, when the Customization was for one company and the base form in all others, just by specifying the customization. The ones that weren’t in that Company didn’t get it picked up and all was good.

Now we want an All Companies customization to be applied. But we still want the Company Specific customization to work for that one company. That doesn’t seem to work, it’s like the All Companies overrides the Company Specific, when I thought the idea was that Company Specific would override the other.

The only difference between the customizations is the existence of one field for that one company. (controls whether information will be passed to service Connect) How can I make this work again?

So create two customizations, one that is company specific and one that doesn’t have a company specified. That should work (and does we use it all the time)

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That is what I have, but for some reason, the Company Specific one isn’t coming up for the one company. It’s using the All Companies one instead. (same customization name, but one is specific)

I think you’ll need to have two different menu items (one for Cust_All_Co, and one for Cust_AcmeCo), and have them company specific too. Then exclude the menu that points to Cust_All_Co, from company Acme.

We have 7 Companies active in Epicor out of 27. So would I need 7 menu items that are specific? The other issue is that this is the Supplier screen, which can’t have All Companies disabled.

I figured out the issue, what josecgomez said is correct. The problem is that the original customization was saved as a base extension. When I made the new one, it wasn’t a base extension. What I needed to do was copy the new one to the company, then remake the changes that were on the original. That put them both on the same layer, and then it worked.

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