Condition Expressions

I’m trying to recreate some code logic that was on our Sales Order Entry screen. It was code contained in a button on the page, which I have recreated. My issue is with the condition block in the behavior designer on the button. Are there resources, or could someone answer how the expressions are supposed to be written in this block? I’ve looked on the ELC and the help tabs in Kinetic, but I couldn’t find an explanation for the conditions, only switches.



I tried 1=1 for a test case, but neither of these dialog boxes show up.

I was able to get it to work with the following:

'{QuoteDtl.Colors_c}' === 'Green'

QuoteDtl.Colors_c holds text values such as “Green”, “Red”, etc.

Hope that helps.

You can poke around Epicor’s events in your inetpub folder.
I was browsing the AP Invoice Entry to find an example to work from.