"Conditional Formatting" Menu Field

Is there to have a field display a certain colour based on a value?

Looking to have total shipped to date on pack slip show as red if shipped to date is greater than the order total which is the field above it on the pack.

Do you mean on the form displayed in the Epicor client or on the actual printed packing slip?

If the first, then a Row Rule might work.

On the later, a Textbox can have its color set based on a formula. Typically you evaluate a comparison, and if it is true, the color specified will be used, else the false color will be specified.


=Iif(Fields!ShipQty.Value > 10,"red", "Transparent")
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Thanks Calvin. I’m looking to display in the form so I will review Row Rule.

I have tried the following but nothing changes on the form:

Ahhh, press the update code button! Merci, think I’m there