Configurator Advice

you can use csv files and getdata pgms  for the allowed values.

this will let you edit the lists easily and wont be a bAQ

Are there any configurator guys willing to spitball approaches to my situation? We have a product line that has 37 properties necessary to manufacture the final product. Of those properties, 32 can be linked back to a standard list of specifications that allow our sales guys to only have to know the machine and model the final product is going into so, ideally, they'd only need to use the configurator to identify those remaining properties. Using a BAQ to populate the fields is too slow and using onleaves makes the configurator complex and difficult to manage. I'm in the SaaS so Epicor doesn't allow me to write my own code in onleave's or promptwhen's and I'm restricted to performing one input assignment per onleave. I've used a series of checkboxes to populate the various inputs but I'm wondering if anyone else has other approaches?