Configurator Compile Errors

In developer mode I keep seeing this when I test inputs:

I get this error after I click “Test Inputs” and before the UI shows.

However, I removed or commented out all my code for the entire configurator (in designer, rules,and entry) so I’m not sure how else to fix this issue. Can someone point me in the right direction? Is there a way I can see what causes this? I don’t believe I have the ability to modify CompileCustomScript() method. Any help would be appreciated!

Turn off developer mode. The error will go away. Configurators cannot be customized anyway.

What is the customization used for then? Is that only for customizing the built-in epicor forms? If so, then maybe I can set up custom events within the Configurator Designer.

Yes, customization’s are for the built in forms (but even some of those can’t be customized, like the BAQ editor for example)

Configurators have their own locations for event handlers and code. Have you downloaded the Configurator Technical Guide from epicweb?

That error message is actually by design. When you log into the configurator screen and have Developer Mode turned on - you will get that error. You can either turn off Developer Mode or just click ok to it and keep moving forward. Configurator is a customization in of itself so you would not need to have Developer Mode on when working in it. Thank you Evan for responding on that one. You always have great insight.


Uh oh… I didn’t know Epicor was monitoring me that closely :hot_face:

Thanks all the same :grin:

You are too funny. You know me well enough that I like to help out where I can. :slight_smile: