Configurator Error | New network file path

Hello all,

I am experiencing a problem with our product configurator when trying to setup a new network file path. Our company is soon going to consolidate all of our files into one remote server (which we already have access to). We have already cloned our Epicor import/export file paths to the remote server for testing, but I am having an issue getting the configurator to recognize the network file path. We have a lookup table which contains all the file path strings and I have updated those to the new paths, however, when trying to import information from an XML located in the new location, I get an application error suggesting “The network path was not found”. Interestingly, if I create a button in the configurator that simply prints the network path + file name and suffix into a text box, it displays the correct information.

Update: I forgot to mention that this appears to only be an issue when the configurator calls a method. If I (for example) write an expression in a button and tell it to load a file and return a value from the new file path, it will work. However, if I call for a method that should produce the same result, it gives me the network path error.

The new and old domains already have establish trusts, and there doesn’t appear to be a permissions issue, so at this point, I’m at a bit of a loss.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks!