Configurator Import Issue

Heads up to anyone that read the first post:

As a solution, I'm using a pre-processing method directive on Quote.Update (code below) to change all the rev numbers in our PcInValue table for the relevant configurators.  We have a few million affected rows, so it takes like 4 hours to run.  Appears to work though (we can reconfigure all lines effectively in Test Epicor after I ran the BPM there).  If anyone knows any crazy bug this could cause that I haven't discovered, please let me know before I run it in Live tonight.

For Each ttQuoteHed:
For Each PcInValue exclusive-lock where (PcInValue.PartNum = "CFGCABLE" or PcInValue.PartNum = "CFGCABLESET") and PcInValue.RevisionNum = "A":
If Avail PcInValue then do:
Assign PcInValue.RevisionNum = "CI".

We're on 905.701.  Baffled by Epicor per usual.  Any help appreciated.

Problem Summary

  • We can’t import a configurator effectively to an existing rev.  
  • All inputs are set to their default values when users copy a line that was configured with an old rev and reconfigure it.

Description of Problem

Did the following:

  1. Copied our Live database over to Test.
  2. Made updates to configurator CFGCABLE rev A (our only rev at this time) in Configurator Designer in Test.
  3. Exported the updated configurator.
  4. Deleted configurator tied to CFGCABLE rev A in Live.
  5. Imported Test configurator into Live CFGCABLE rev A.
This process worked for the last person to check in the configurator.  This person was able to use the updated version of CFGCABLE Rev A in Live.  It didn’t go well for all other users.  For them, the configurator either:
  • Reverted to the state it was in before we deleted it and imported the updated version
  • Included some of the updates but instead of looking organized, inputs were thrown about all over the screen

As a solution, we made a new rev (CI) of CFGCABLE and imported the edited configurator to the new rev.  The bulleted problems did not occur, but a new problem took their place.  When a user copies a line and reconfigures (happens a lot at our company), the inputs are all set to their default values.  The user has to reselect everything.  This is a problem because usually the user only has to change 1 or 2 inputs when reconfiguring a copied line.


We need to keep the configurator in its updated state and
allow users to copy old lines and reconfigure without all selections being set
to their default values.  Have looked in Verify Existing Configurators, but we don’t think it’ll help us here.  Considering going back to Rev A in Live and making changes to it manually rather than importing.  This way we’ll only have the copy lines problem for the lines originally configured with the CI rev.   A better solution would be ideal though.