Configurator - Update MOM upon receiving data from external calculations

Hi all,

Really glad to be here.

First post on the forum, even though I read pretty much every thread on Configurator/C# implementation!

Bear with me, I am new to pretty much everything related to C# programming and Epicor BPM/Configurator, which is why I am reaching to you guys for help. Also, this is going to be a long post…

Let me explain my situation:

We are currently using an automation software called DriveWorks (add-on for SolidWorks) to generate drawings for our different lines of products. It works on the same principle as Epicor’s product configurator.
You fill a form with your requirements, release the drawing request, DriveWorks execute calculations for dimensions, material, etc. It also produces the 3D and 2D models plus a PDF file for the customer to sign.

DriveWorks currently contains all the required logic to create the model, which means it also have the information to create the method of manufacturing. I would really like to avoid having to duplicate the logic part in Epicor.

My plan would be the following:

  1. Fill the form through Epicor product configurator in the quote entry. No configurator/document rules would be executed at this step as the required information is not yet available. (I know how to do this)

  2. Write the configurator input in a table which would be shared with DriveWorks. (I know how to do this)

  3. Let DriveWorks do the calculations upon seeing new data in the table. DriveWorks has functionnalities to launch a drawing generation upon receiving an XML file (folder watcher) or seeing new data in a database. (I know how to do this)

  4. Return the data required to generate the MOM in the same table. (I know how to do this)

  5. When the quote becomes an order, retreive the data for evey line where a product has been configured and run the configurator/document rules in the background without opening the configurator for every line. (This is the tricky part for me)

I am currently unable to figure out a way to run the configurator BO in the background. I tried using a BPM and refering to the tracing log to see what BOs are called without success.

If you read to this point (thank you for that), I would like to know if my process is unrealistic. If it can be done, has anyone done something similar?

I will provide more details if you guys can confirm if it is worth it to go on with this plan.

Again, thank you for reading this outrageously long post and have a nice day!


Were you ever able to get this working? I have DW creating the data and looking for an way to push into Epicor.