I would like configurator values to flow out to columns in the OrderDtl table and JobHead table. Is it as simple as stating those values in the Document Rules? Because I tried doing that and then in my BAQ/Dashboard pulled the columns that those values were set to, but nothing still came through.


You should be able to set the orderdtl table directly in the document rules using something like the following:

OrderDtl.OrderComment = Inputs.Comments.Value;

I should also say you may need a case statement on the entry point because configurators can be entered from Quote, Order, job and something else… like changes or something. So maybe you are in quote and trying to save to order?

As for the job that would need to be done in the method rules, and not the document rules or taken from the order detail information.


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We write values from the configurator to UD columns on OrderDtl. We accomplish it in the Document rules. It should be as simple as this…

OrderDtl.ModelYear_c = Inputs.cmbModelYear.Value;
OrderDtl.TruckMakeModel_c = Inputs.cmbTruckMakeModel.Value;
OrderDtl.EngMakeModel_c = Inputs.cmbEngineType.Value;
OrderDtl.TransMakeModel_c = Inputs.cmbTransmissionModel.Value;

The last few rules in OrderDtl with the _c columns are not working the way they should. Is this setup correctly?

if (Context.Entity == “QuoteDtl”) {

QuoteDtl.LineDesc = Inputs.edtSmartDesc.Value;

QuoteDtl.QuoteComment = Inputs.edtSpecDescription.Value;

QuoteDtl.SpecificationNumber_c = Inputs.tbxDesignGroup.Value;

QuoteDtl.ItemComment_c = "Item comment requirements need to be defined";

QuoteDtl.HardwareComment_c = "Item comment requirements need to be defined";

QuoteDtl.RoomReference_c = Inputs.lbxRoomNumbers.Value;

} else if (Context.Entity == “OrderDtl”) {

OrderDtl.LineDesc = Inputs.edtSmartDesc.Value;

OrderDtl.OrderComment = s1 + Inputs.edtSpecDescription.Value;

OrderDtl.SpecificationNumber_c = Inputs.tbxDesignGroup.Value;

OrderDtl.ItemComment_c = "Item comment requirements need to be defined";

OrderDtl.HardwareComment_c = "Item comment requirements need to be defined";

OrderDtl.RoomReference_c = Inputs.lbxRoomNumbers.Value;

OrderDtl.TopTreatment_c = Inputs.cbxTopTreatment.Value;
OrderDtl.BottomHem_c = Inputs.cbxHem.Value;
OrderDtl.DraperyItem_c = Inputs.cbxItem.Value;
OrderDtl.Fabric_c = Inputs.cbxFabric.Value;

What do you mean they are not working they way they should?

Are they returning true false and you are expecting text? If that is the case I’m guessing the naming convention for your inputs has a prefix ‘cbx’ for checkboxes so the values in those are true/false

Not working as in they should be expecting text but they return a blank value still. The cbx inputs are all for dropdowns, combobox

Well I’m not sure what the issue could be as the code looks like it should work.

Have you tried setting those fields to static text to see if the issue is with the inputs or the code to set the fields? That would be my next steps. Then if the static text worked you at least know the issue is the input and if it doesn’t then the issue is with text to set the fields.


Actually I guess what I didn’t try was reconfiguring the exisiting configurator quotes/orders to refresh. After doing that it popped up


Is there a way to set the OrderDtl column to the OrderRel column? Each line has a RoomReference_c value that is pulled off of the configurator, but we want that value to transfer to all releases of that line in the OrderRel table. Both OrderDtl and OrderRel have the RoomReference_c column. So if 1 line has 3 releases, each release of that line will have the same RoomReference_c value as the main line