Connect to Two (or more) instances of Service Connect

Has anyone connected to two (or more) instances of service connect? connect-to-another-server

We have two servers with two separate instances of service connect. I want to use one as a testing environment against with TEST slot .NET references. I want to use the other as a production environment with LIVE slot .NET references.

It would be nice to be able to control them from the same ESC Admin Console. I tried adding the server by its name but got an error: Unable to check the version of the server SEAL-SC

The alternative is to bounce back and forth between remote desktop connections to each server.

It is possible as I found out. The windows domain user names need to have permissions as administrator on each computer.

I was logging into each server with a different account. The accounts need to be allowed admin permission on the other computer. I added the accounts inside the control panel on each machine and then I was able to connect two different instances to both consoles.

Also the username and password it asks for when it connects is the console password, not the ServiceConnect SQL password.