Connecting to MS Access Database

I need to be able to connect to a MS Access database and was going to try to use an external BAQ.
I am having trouble setting up the datasource. Every time I try to test the connection I get some error.
I am not sure which ADO.Net provider to choose and then what is required for the connection settings.

Is this the best way to go about it? Is there a better way to do this?

Can the Access database use SQL as it’s backend? There is a tool that will convert this for you built in. Then the External BAQ will work.
Otherwise, you can try to used a linked server:

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Thanks Jason.

I will have to check to see if it is possible to use SQL as the backend. The database is actively used by an ASRS system for managing sheet stock and punched parts to feed sheet metal processing equipment.

If I go the linked server route, will I be able to access the data via External BAQs?

Depending on what your end need is, you can create a report in the access database and add that to the menu. I believe you select External Process for the Program Type and just point it at the database on the server.

Should be possible. You will likely have to create a v the linked server and then it will be visible in the External BAQ.

Michael, you might find this helpful: there’s a help topic on setting up MS Access as an external datasource for external BAQs. It’s in App Help under System Management > External Business Activity Queries > External Datasource Maintenance > Datasource > Set up an External Datasource > MS Access Database. Actually, it’s pretty sort and here it is. Use the appropriate engine version in the Provider field:

Ruslan -

Thank you. I searched high and low for this and completely missed it.