Consolidate Invoices Accross Sites

I know that you can select the checkbox on the Customer record to consolidate invoices for multiple customer orders, but is there anyway to make Epicor create/print one combined invoice even if the orders were shipped from multiple sites?


Hello david.
have you found the solution to this question?
I have the same case?

Hi David/Saul,

just want to find out if you ever found a solution?

As I currently sit with the same scenario, where I need 1 customer invoice for a sales order containing 2 or more parts from different sites (I have ticked the consolidate sales order & combine picking slips check boxes on my Customer).

My thinking is, because I need to go into the different sites to ship the parts and 2 picking slips are being generated, when doing the final shipment invoice and selecting the 2 picking slip numbers, the system automatically generates 2 individual invoices.

Hoping you found a workaround! Thank you.