Consolidate Multi-Site Purchases

We have a situation where Purchasing has 1 part with multiple-sites (1 company) with min’s at each site. They want the PO Suggestion to consolidate the site suggestions into 1 PO suggestion, receive to a primary site, then let the transfer orders tell them they need to move material (transfer part) to another site. Anyone know if we are able to do that out of the box?

Hmmm… Most people’s issues with PO suggestions are that they want separate POs when suggestions want to combine them.

I think the consolidated purchasing is meant so a single PO can be issued for multiple sites or companies, but with the expectation that they still get shipped to the different locations.

If you can get that working, maybe the single PO will only require manual tweaking of the ShipTo’s. Changing them all to your “primary” site, for redistribution.

If you need 100 at A, 50 at B, 75 at C, you’d end up with 1 PO with a single line of three releases (or maybe 3 Po lines of 1 release each).

One thing that you may need to prepare for is that manual tweaked PO no longer satisfies the demand at B and C. PO Sugg’s might try to make new POs to fulfill the demand.

What if you enter the Transfer Orders (in B and C) to get the supply from A before the suggestion is created. That would satisfy the demand at B and C, and create extra demand at A.

Thanks Calvin. I will try a few more things and let you know what I find

Thanks again for the input

Try setting the part as purchased in the supply site, and transfer from the supply site in the other sites.
That should get demand as transfer orders in all the other sites, and then PO suggestions will suggest a purchase in the supply site to fulfill them.
You may also have to set them as stock, I think non-stock and transfer parts may not act the same way.

I set the purchase site with a min of 1000, then a transfer site with a min of 30. It did give me the PO Suggestion for 1030 for the main plan which is correct, then turned around and gave me a suggestion for a transfer request for the 30 to the other plant. But it gave me the second suggestion for 19 days out, not sure why? We do not have any lead times on the part and there is only a 1 day transfer time so where it came up with 1/29 I have no idea