Consolidating Operations

We are using Epicor 9. Right now, we have to do a lot of
things manually when creating jobs and I was wondering if anyone knows of a
different way. We have operations for multiple subassemblies that are processed
at one time. What we are doing now is adding the labor for those operations
together before we start the job (See below). Is there a way to do this in the
system without having to add everything manually? We can use Multi Level
Pegging for the materials but, it will not consolidate operations unless I am
missing something. Any help on this issue would be appreciated.



Top Level

      Subassembly 1          Operation Cut 1
(est. 2 hours)          Operation Sew 2
(est. 20 hours)      Subassembly 2          Operation Cut 1
(est. 1 hours)          Operation Sew 2
(est. 15 hours)

Released Job

Top Level

     Subassembly 1
     Subassembly 2Operation Cut 1 (est. 3 hours)Operation Sew 2 (est. 35 hours)

Millicent Massey