Consolidating Suggestions (in this case Transfer Orders, but I think it would be the same w/POs)


Our company uses a lot of Transfer Orders to get stock from one site to another and for the most part we’ve sorted out most of the part parameters to get the MRP to suggest the correct amount of supply to bring in. There is one thing that keeps popping up that I can’t figure out how to control: We often get multiple TO suggestions for the same part, for the same day with conflicting info. I’m not sure if the image I’m pasting will show, so I’ll give an example:

For the same day, in this example 26 Sept 2020, I get three suggestions for the same part:

  1. Suggestion TO: MM002101/1 bring in 432 units
  2. Suggestion TO: MM002102/1 bring in 576 units
  3. Suggestion TO: MM002102/1 reduce by 542 units

How could I just get ONE suggestion to bring in the 466 needed units?

Will you post a screenshot Part’s Site:Detail and Site:Planning tabs? I’m guessing it’s some of the settings there.


Please post Planning screen. Please check the Days of Supply value.

Hi. Days of Supply was (and is) 30

And all other values on the Planning Screen were zero, although I’ve played around with them to see if it would make a difference.

Try changing values of Planning Time Fence, Reschedule Out Delta and Reschedule In Delta whether it makes difference.