Constant: Today as filter in dashboard

I’m hoping someone can give me some guidance on this.

I have created a baq to query employee training. As part of the baq it looks at the employee course record and based on the expiration set on the course revision it calculates when a refresher is due. I have created a dashboard based on this query with two grids - one showing all training and another showing only training with overdue refreshers. For the view showing overdue I have three grid filters - refresher due before constant: today, that the employee is an active employee and that they passed the course first time.

If I run this in the dashboard designer it all works and the overdue tab correctly only shows courses with overdue refresher- I run deploy dashboard | Test Application it looks like the filter for today is being ignored, however the other two filters are being applied.

Anybody know if there are any issues with using date constant like today on dashboard grid filters.

The only solution I have found so far is to create a Calculated Field in the BAQ for the BAQ Constant - When you display that field on your grid, you can use it in a custom filter. It isn’t very elegant, but it does work.