Consultants, Read our requirements, we need a little help

Currently looking for an Epicor Consultant with the day to day and specifics on Epicor within an Engineer to Order environment, EMPASIS on Engineer to Order. Requirements are listed below, there is an emphasis on Engineer to Order as this is not a regular implementation. The layout listed below is with our current understanding of Epicor and how it functions (maybe not all in the listed order), but of course we are open for restructuring in.

We worked with an integrator who was bought out during our implementation and the new company left us hanging two thirds of the way through. We already have a working knowledge of Epicor, but lack the in depth knowledge of how the system interconnects to make the final go live. The Epicor server and install environment is already functioning, though there may need some modifications and we have developed a process flow but would like to review with someone who has a better understanding of EPICOR. These are the reasons we are seeking a consultants help.

This opportunity is to work with our team to understand our current process and review the workflow we have developed within Epicor and making recommendations and or requiring changes. This entails working with IT (that’s me) to aid in learning how to not only create but maintain, repair and work with changes coming from our current in house developed SQL/Access based ERP solution.

With the Test environment in working order and tested, move it into the Pilot environment and work with our team to get the training to move and migrate into Production. Once in production, work with us on Go Live and work with any potential issues that may arise.
This is our current layout and understanding of how we should work. It is essential that each of these steps is known by the consultant (thats you). Recommendations to change are welcomed, as long as both the current method and recommended methods are known and fully understood by the consultant (you again). This will involve you coming to our facilities and working with us on this in Richmond Virginia. (more under the requirements)

• General Ledger
o Maintaining General Ledger
o Mapping General Ledger
o Change where a General Ledger entry gets placed: Time, Payments (Paying and getting Paid)
• Opportunity/Quote Entry
• Creating Sales Order from Quote
• Order Entry
Project Entry (You HAVE to know this)
o WBS Phases
o Milestone
o Potential Tasks
o Milestone Payments
o Closing Project/Job/Quote/Order
• Invoice Entry
o Paying Invoice
o Receiving Invoice Payments
• Cash Receipt Entry
o Reverse Cash Receipt
• Clocking in and Out of a Job
o Time and Expense
o Employee Entered Time Toward a project and GL
• Requisitions
o How/When purchasing sees and gets notified of Requisitions
o Replying to Requisitions
o Supplier Response
• RFQ Entries
o How/When purchasing sees and gets notified of RFQ’s
o Replying to RFQ’s
o Supplier Response
o Paying Suppliers
• Creating Jobs
o Part Entry
o Part Demand towards purchasing
o Adding Epicor Elements to a Job
o Adding Additional Elements to a job (Materials, Operations, Parts)
o Working with a BOM
o Pulling Parts from Inventory
o Revisions
o Completing and closing Jobs
• Working with CADLink
• Entering Parts on the Fly
• Supplier Maintenance
o Approved Suppliers
o Manufacturers
• Purchase Orders
o Completing Purchase Orders
• Working with MRP
• Receiving Parts
• Reports and Custom Reports
• Defaults
• Shipping and Receiving
o Completed Projects/Jobs/Orders to a Customer
o Receiving Parts/Materials to Inventory
o Issuing Materials from Inventory
o Bill of Lading
• Inventory
• Maintenance Jobs
• Creating and Closing a Fiscal Calendar/Asset Period Year
• Dashboards
• Security
o Assigning Layouts per login
 Groups?
o Setting Customizations
o Settings Custom Layouts
o BAQ’s

If you feel like you are a fit, message me here and we can schedule a call to discuss with the heads of this company.

Hi Iggy,
EpiCenter is a full service Epicor Partner who has experience to meet your needs. You may contact me at to discuss further.

Thank you.

@iggy, Could you please share your email id or contact number to schedule a meeting?

a bit busy at the moment, but I will get back to you, when we are ready for a meeting