Context Menu ERP10.2.400

Still fighting the Job Scheduling Board new vs. old. The previous post fixed the Actions Menu item.

While in Job Entry, right clicking Job Num yields this ‘open with’ menu:

clicking second item shows this while in customization mode:

clicking the 8th item shows this:

now here is the issue, while in Job Status Maintenance and right clicking Job Num, the open with context menu again shows 2 Job Scheduling Board options but this time top one open old version and bottom one opens New version.

The user(s) do not want the new version at all - it require too many clicks to be useable.

Can I intercept the process call to ESGO1010 and make it call ESGO1140?
Can I get rid of the context menu item that calls ESGO1010?
Can I make EVERY context menu have the 2 JSB options in the same order?

this is dang frustrating

Just an idea, but can’t you rename these in Context Menu Maintenance with “(new)” and “(old)”?

Fixed it, I think

added a second entry in Process Calling Maitenance