Context Menu for user

Where is the context menu item stored in the DB? We have one user that is having an issue with right click. I would like to get him using the base.

I removed his personalization, but he is still having the issue when right clicking (JobNum). It is only one user.

Any suggestions?

You can also try clearing the cache.

thanks tried that. restarted… still getting the error

What error is occurring?

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Right Click Job error occurs. Only for one user. Cleared Cache. Thinking of deleting the epicor folder in Program data.


where are the context menu items stored in the database? thinking we might need to clear it there.

found the answer.

Back to the Ice.XXXDef/Ice.XXXChunk tables where Key1 = ‘CustomContextMenu’ and Key2 is the User.

Other than delete the records directly from the SQL table, how do I remove these records?

Context menu maintenance?

I cannot see how to open as those other users though.