Conversion overflows

I am updating a dashboard for financials. In the test environment I created my BAQ, modified my dashboard, ran it, deployed it and all was successful. But in Live I am getting a conversion overflow error (specific error listed below). I even tried to export my BAQ from test (where there are no errors) and import it into Live and I still get the error. I don’t even know where to begin to look as the error does not list a table or field and the syntax is ok.

Severity: Error, Table: , Field: , RowID: , Text: Conversion overflows.

@agraue36 I would guess it is data related. Are there any calculations that could have large decimal results that you could round down?

Do you have calculated Fields in BAQ?

Yes I have quite a few calculated fields.

Do you mean making the format on these smaller?

It looks like one of the Calculated field data types does not match with the Data in live.
Try to remove calculated fields one by one and run it, you will get the column has an issue.