Converting Classic Dashboard to Kinetic - Advanced Search

Converting 10.2.500 to Kinetic 2022.2.X
Almost all of our dashboards from 10.2.500 have an advanced search.
In E10, I used Advance Search (Dashboard Tracker Views) instead of BAQ Parameters.
Note: we did not convert dashboards in E10 using Data Discovery. We continued to use the classic dashboard deployment and this is what I am attempting to uplift to Kinetic App.

How do I rebuild these in Kinetic?
I’ve walked through the steps of Opening the Dashboard, Deploy Dashboard > Generate Application and then opening the Menu Item and changing to Kinetic App (Program = ICE.UIDbd.XXXXX). I then open the dashboard from the menu (of course after logging out & back in [or Refresh the browser]) and create Layer to customize. Most dashboards are showing the advanced search as a secondary panel/page; not a big deal as I can move the panel up so it’s on top of the grid results.
However, it only contains the first field of the advanced search.
IE: In E10, I have 4 search criteria: Ship Date >= & Ship Date <= AND PartRev >= & PartRev <=
In 2022.2 it displays only 1 of the 4. Ship Date >=

What’s the best solution for this?
Also, how do you stop the call to get all rows until after the search is executed?
TIA for suggestions/workarounds

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You’ll have to manually add them back in.

The grid will start pulling results the moment the grid card is expanded. Make sure that it doesn’t start expanded which will allow your users to enter all of the criteria. They will have to then expand the panel card to fire the REST call to pull the results which is no different than them having to click “Refresh” after entering their criteria in classic.

Thanks Hannah.
A question I think you will be able to answer.
The Show Summaries feature: Is this an all or nothing feature?
Meaning, I see it summarizes ALL number value fields. So OrderNum, OrderLine, and OrderRelNum are 3 columns in my query/dashboard and it’s summarizing these columns. I also have fields like ExtPrice which I want to summarize. Can you turn the OrderNum, OrderLine, and OrderRelNum number fields off from being summarized; thus leaving the ExtPrice field summarized?
Thanks, Patty

This was the first time I actually tried to enable those.
It does not look like you can do anything about it.

You can disable the filter and sort, but looks like you’re stuck with the summary.

Thanks again Hannah. I doubled checked in 2022.2.5 and it’s still like this.
You cannot turn off number fields (like OrderNum) from summarizing.
Especially bad when the default of the dashboard is to present data in a grouped manner by Year/Month and the OrderNum field is summarized along with the ExtPrice number field that they want to see the summary of (by year by month). This will drive my users bonkers! This might be the nail in the coffin (so to speak) from using kinetic app for dashboards.

I’m not a fan of Kinetic UX dashboards. They behave terribly.

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