Converting from Vantage 6.1 to 8.00 then to 8.03

I have converted data from Vantage 6.1 to Vantage 8.00, it took
about 2 days because our database is around 8gb. I am now
customizing the screens and setting up the rules on those screens. I
know I can export the screens and then import them back when I do
the final conversion with our current data in a couple of months. My
question is will the rules stay with those customized screens so
when they are imported back that the rules or form events will still
be there or do they need to be recreated?
I also see that I have to recreate things in 8.00 because they are
called something different in 6.1 such as Resource Groups . Is there
something else that is called different that would have to be
recreated in the conversion? Is it possible to export these groups
and import them when the final conversion is done?
Also in the configurator I see I need to put a rule on the
operations, but appears all other rules come over in the conversion.
So looks like the configurator will be no problem to get it working
I also notice none of the the BAQ were converted over so those will
have to be recreated.

Has anyone else converted from 6.1 to 8.03? If so how long did it
take you to reprogram everything? They are expecting me to have this
done over a weekend and I am curious if that is possible.


Dan Ernst
Computer Services
Correct Craft, Inc.