Convertsion 1030

I have a client that wants to automate the 1030 conversion (The credit total does not stay accurate even for a day on this 10.0.700.4 customer). As far as I know we can’t do that yet.
So, here I am thinking: “Maybe I can force this to stay correct with a Data Directive, but WHAT TABLE?”
What table is affected by this conversion? Is it the GlbCustCred table? If so, this should be an easy fix.

What about using the Recalculate Customer Credit? System Management->Rebuild Processes->Finance

or is this an option that is not available in 10.0.700.4?


I see it runs Erp.Internal.Conversion.cvar0019
Could I write a BPM that kicks this off nightly (I use BAQ Export for the trigger)?

Probably, but no warranty provided with this comment
I see that there is the CnvProgs.RunsConversion method. Something you might want to experiment with in the BL tester. In theory you could invoke that method with the correct parameters.

I’ve never had a need to do this before, so I’d be interested to see what you come up with.

Of course the way to avoid having to do this totally would be to Upgrade :slight_smile: :umbrella:

One step at a time…

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But if you fix it you lose your leverage… User: “It works now, we don’t need to upgrade”…Just saying.

By the way after doing a bit of searching in the help there is a developers guide for conversions. Even with sample code!

For this client, it’s the next budget (not just words here). It’s the small wins that keep the users liking the software so they’ll keep investing.
Other clients, yes, just get them upgraded.

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You need to call in and try to push up PRB0209416.

This an enhancement request by Epicor Internal (consulting I assume) for:

Customers with no outstanding Credit are left on credit hold incorrectly. ISSUE: Credit hold should be removed automatically if there is no outstanding Balance on an account when invoices are paid.

There are three tasks for this case and has been accepted by development but I haven’t seen anything released yet.

I haven’t played with conversions too much apart from upgrades…But I just noticed that there is a maintain conversion in the actions of Conversion workbench.

which allows you to save it to a conversion set.


which sounds kind of similar to a process sets, but unfortunately I don’t see anywhere you could schedule it. :frowning:

Well, interesting solution…
I ran the task and it created a SysTask and corresponding SysTaskParams.
I saw there were the same values created in SysTaskAgent and SysTaskAgentParams. So to try it out, I pasted slightly modified records into the Agent tables and changed the Recurring par to true. It worked! 3 days now!

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