Copied SSRS report - how to add addtl parameter

Good afternoon,

It’s been awhile since I’ve worked on an SSRS report. I guess I avoid them. Anyway, it is a copy of the std SSRS scheduled shipments report. I need to have an additional date parameter based on a Date05 on OrderRelease. Is there anyway I can get a new parameter into the report? I’m lost with it. Even if I had to do it in the report builder, it would be better than not getting it in there at all or trying to do full BAQ report rebuild at this time.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Hi Nancy,

The Scheduled Shipment report is probably the worst RDD ever. :face_vomiting: It’s quite a throwback to Vantage where there is a process that runs and generates the shipment data. You can see the data table RMR50, which includes the OrderRel information. The only table you have access to is JobProd. JobProd DOES have OrderNum, OrderLine, and OrderRel, so you should be able to add your OrderRel table and then include your DATE05 field in the data.

You also want to pass in a parameter when submitting the report?

Hi Mark,

Thanks so much for response! I agree. The stupid OMR50… I was thinking it was more like OMG 50 :scream: I have been able to get it to bring the data for Date05 over per below and print on SSRS report via RDD and RDL manipulation. Now, I do need to pass parameter for Date05 in somehow, to show only records with Date05 less than user entry date. Can a parameter be done on the RDL file? I cannot see any means to do it in the RDD, unless there’s something I am missing (screenshot 2).

If not way via RDD or RDL, can a customization be made for report dialog and then somehow shove the Date05 parameter in there during run?


Looking at our Test system (same version as yours 10.1.600), I looked at the tables the RDD created:


It looks like you should be able to pass a user defined date to the CallContextBPMData and then retrieve that in your SSRS report.

This does look feasible Mark. How do I use a call context bpm on the report dialog? The only direction I can think of it using the systask table but maybe I’m missing something.

Thank you!

The first thing I would try is to see if Epicor will pass it along for you by adding the field to the form then binding to a CallContextBpmData date field.

Hopefully, that’s all there is to it.

Failing that, I would try the BPM route and see if we could catch the SubmitToAgent method someplace and set it there.


Hi Mark,

I want to provide note on original post ~ your idea worked! I use the Call context bpm data on a UD field on the Scheduled shipments report dialog and then pass that into a parameter (i.e., LSSD, that’s latest scheduled shipping date) on the SSRS report and use that on the report side as a filter to reduce the data seen/reported. It does pull more data than needed, but we don’t have a crazy amount of orders so it’s not too bad. And right now… it’s better than making a whole new BAQ report!

Thanks again!

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