Copy data from a Kinetic grid?

Hey there,

I’m just now working with some Kinetic apps, albeit within 10.2.700.

I’m failing to see how one would copy data from a Kinetic grid. Paste insert/update seems to work okay, but the only way I can see to get data out of a grid is to export the whole thing to Excel. I can’t even select text from a single cell.

Also not seeing how to right-click/open with, or some of the the other operations I’m accustomed to in the winform grids.

Is it possible? Different in E11?



There is no right click anything at the moment in Kinetic. I believe they are working on it forward looking, but not sure where on the plan it is. If you want grid data you have to export to excel first.

Thanks for the info, Josh.

It’s pretty unhandy not to be able to copy even a single cell’s contents. I would think there would be lots of complaints about this. Ah, well.


I’m seeing a right click in 2021.1, but not on search grids, only on summary grids.

The kinetic in 700 is not very robust.

There are and from 700 things have already improved a lot, given some time we’ll get more of those features back. they have constraints of the base components to work through. sort of like how they extended infragistics this too will take time.

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Good info. Thanks, Joshua.


Wondering if anyone is successfully copying values from a Kinetic cell grid?

Example, I’m running Time Phase Inquiry. I can right-click on a job and open with various options (Job Entry, Job Tracker, etc.) However, I can’t seem to copy that job number to my clipboard so I can paste somewhere else.

Seems my only option is to run this in classic view?

Kevin Simon

I use Cntl-C.

But you’re right, it would be nice to have.

I tried that CTRL-C, wasn’t working. I played around a bit, found I have to double-click the data, which selects it, then I can use the copy shortcut. But, if I click on a cell to highlight the cell - copy doesn’t work. Then, if you’ve got a cell with multiple words in it, double-clicking just selects the word - you’ve got to triple click to select all the words.

Probably a good work-around for the technically savvy. Not so good for the average user.

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Sometimes I find Ctrl-Ins works. But not always.

It seems as though you can only copy a cell from a grid if you double/triple click.

Ouch, my carpal tunnel flared up just reading that.
Perhaps we can develop a new name for a “shortcut” that requires 4 actions.

Click in cell once, CTRL+A > CTRL + C.
Harness your inner keyboard shortcuts!

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Keyboard shortcuts are great and work fine - for many people. I’m passing on the CTRL-A, CTRL-C to the team.

However, there is certainly a subset of users here and I’m sure everywhere that teaching keyboard shortcuts is a challenge. To some people, pressing CTRL-A and then CTRL-C is rocket science, and they only know right-click, copy; right-click paste. Hopefully Epicor will get the Kinetic UX framework up to date with what are pretty much standards every where else.