Copy Formatted Text button?

Not sure if this is a possibility, but it would be super cool if there was a button to copy any formatted code to clipboard rather than needing to try to select it by hand.
Maybe this already exists and I’m unaware??

We would love that too. Gave it a go and failed miserably. maybe someday we’ll take another run at it.

There’s a plugin for that but it broke other stuff I’ll check on it again.

Looks like other Discourse forums have it as an option
Is that the same plugin?

Yes, but it breaks the preview function when writing code.

Ah gotcha

Yeah just tried it, doesn’t work :frowning:

Does this work?
but it requires
@jgiese.wci to help with CSS 

All right there ya go!

All better @Aaron_Moreng!


Did this break dark mode? :frowning_face:

Never mind, seems to be working now.

Jesus @josecgomez even @EarlGrei new the answer to that one

Flagging this for abuse :laughing:



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I wonder if he gnu that was wrong when he typed it?