Copy to excel doesn't work


So in the company i work there is a production server and a test server, on the test server when i have a dashboard that i can right click and copy to excel(there’s no excel on this server so it’s greyed-out), on the production server that has excel, I open the same dashboard and the option to copy to excel doesn’t appear. What could be the problem?

We are using epicor 10.2.300

@Daniel_Alzate_Segura On EpicCare the KB search has a lot of possible issues. Do you get copy to excel on native grids? Is the dashboard on the menu as an Dashboard-Assembly? I believe you do not get copy to if it is Dashboard-Runtime.


that is correct the dashboard has to be deloyed as an Assembly for it to work.


Oh ok, let me check. Ty
I don’t know if this will help but dashboard we have on the test server, we made a copy by exporting as dashboard definition and imported it on the production server. Does that maybe affect the copy to excel?

You’d need to deploy that one you imported

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@gpayne I also was reading and I saw a lot of people saying it maybe de registry key of Excel, could that maybe it? Because I was looking and it was on Dashboard-Assembly.

@Daniel_Alzate_Segura I would redeploy as the dashboard @ckrusen suggests to make sure it has a fresh copy on the live server. Then clear cache before opening the dashboard.

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