Copying Existing Screen

Hello Everyone,

I would like to know if it possible to copy an existing screen like Customer Maintenance, so I can then create a new screen only displaying the Customer and Credit Information.

If not, is it possible to make the Credit Tab on the Customer Maintenance only available to certain users?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, you can do. When adding to a Menu, it’s better to create new Menu Security Group and attach to those users.

Hello Arul,

Please provide me with documentation on how this can be accomplished.

Thank you.


Please check Epicor Website for this document which has required detail for customizaton : EpicorUserExpCust_UserGuide_905700_Part2of3

You will want to customize the screen to look the way you want (possibly saving as a new customization).
Then, create a new menu (if applicable) and assign the new customization to the new menu.