Corrupted Customization, lost adapter reference, how do I restore it?

I’ve been working on a customization for a few days now, when all of a sudden it decides it can’t compile. I had use the customization wizard very early on to add UD21 as a child table to the main one. Now it claims there’s no reference to UD21Adapter. (which it used to have). Is there a way to manually add that? I can’t use the usual Customization method because the customization doesn’t compile.

This is not the first time I’ve had a Customization get corrupted, but it’s the first time I’ve had one I couldn’t just edit and fix easily.

Yes you can manually add the reference. In customization mode go to Tools>Assembly Reference Manager

Your added assemblies will appear under the Custom tree node, but if it’s not there, then click Add Custom Reference.

This will default to the ERP adapters in the client folder, so make sure to select Ice adapters in your case

Find UD21

Click Open and then OK. Recompile your customization

Also after reading your post a little better, are you trying to do this via the Customization Maintenance form since you can’t get into your form? If so please check the customization data and see what is listed in your Controls area. You might need to comment all the code out that is looking for UD21 adapters, save so it compiles, then try to re-add later.

That’s how I would normally do that. But I can’t get to that dialog because the customization has to compile before I can get there. UD21 is referenced a LOT in the code itself.

I did come up with a different path, just editing the raw XML comparing a reference in a different customization and adding the 2 entries that way. This got it past that error.

Unfortunately, it seems to have been corrupted FAR more than I had thought, my entire screen layout is gone. All the internal code for handling the fields is there, but the fields themselves have vanished.

I am going to have to redo the entire screen layout, though I can save the internal code at least. This is the worse case of corruption I have encountered so far, looks like I need to make backups more often than I have been.

Thanks for looking into it though :slight_smile:

You could always comment out literally everything so that it compiles, then add it, uncomment, and see where that gets you.
But, sounds like you might have bigger fish to fry with the controls issue :grimacing: