COS/WIP capture is out of balance - help

We are in 10.1.600.8 and are running into an issue were COS/WIP capture is out of balance for one day in January. We believe we have narrowed it down to one one possible shipment in the WIP report. The thing that is throwing us off is reference for the unbalanced transactions is a packing slip - however the accounts out of balance are WIP burden and WIP labor.

We do not make jobs to orders, they all are make to stock, the sales order does not have any make direct parts.

-checked sales order - no make direct parts
-checked part from wip report - no new revision, qty bearing part
-labor and burden cost listed on Inventory WIP report does not match labor and burden cost of part in part tracker.

  • part is setup with product group, product group have GL control accounts setup.
    -product group from part setup does not match the product group of WIP accounts showing in report out of balance.

Any ideas of other items I can check to resolve so accounting can post all of January COS/WIP?

Kristine Fierce
Business Systems Analyst
Ag Leader Technology

Have you already checked the Part Transaction History tracker for clues?

Yes we have. We don’t see anything out of the normal in part tran history.

You may want to check the part for a lower level make direct item on the
the BOM. It might be a job to job component issue?


Sorry I don’t have an answer, will be interested to hear what you find.

Since something happened at a site a few weeks ago that sounds similar to you case… except it was V8 and a receipt instead of a shipment.

Unexpected account was out of balance & tracked back to a specific receipt.
Nothing odd about the receipt itself.
Never could not figure out why a different account was hit, never seen it happen before.
Accounting finally ended up making manual adjustment.

We also opened a call with Epicor.
The tech I spoke with said he couldn’t find any related/known issues.

do you know what kind of manual adjustment accounting made. We are willing to do the same if needed to move forward so January can post.

As far as I know, accounting used a journal entry.

I would check the dates of transactions related to the job. If things are done out of sequence, it can mess up the costing. See if certain events happened before or after goods were received to inventory.

Is the packing slip an internal PS or vendor PS? Could it be landed cost?

In our case the capture was out of balance due to a customer shipment that was unshipped and re-shipped. We found part tran for our pack id for the reverted lines did not contain a ABTUID. Received a fix form Epicor to set the field. All good now.

If you know which date is out of balance, run you inventory wip
reconciliation report for that day by transaction type. You should be able
to isolate the transaction. The only times I’ve seen this out of balance
is a bad gl control or rounding error and rounding accounts not setup.

Andrew Fagan

That is correct. the WIP report got us down to the specific transaction type, customer and pack id. we have too many transactions during a specific day to find any with errors otherwise. Once you narrow down the transaction it is easier to look for data issues.

This just happened to us in 10.2.300. Thanks for marking the solution!!!

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I suspect I’m experiencing this now. On Friday I did a capture and have a number of lines, looks like the CR and DR are out of balance. I captured for a range of dates, so I need to run the WIP report for each day until I find this, or just call support and start a case? I opened a ticket at Epicweb and then searched and found this thread.