COSandWIP stuck in Review Journal – Transaction does not balance

Transaction does not balance.

Anyone can suggest how to resolve this issue.

It looks like you have a GL Control Code that’s not fully defined (account definition may be missing). It may be helpful to see what the transaction that is out of balance is. PUR-STK for example.

@Hari_Dutt The apply date is in 2021. Do you have earliest apply date set? Except for GL it should be the first day of the current period. That prevents bad input from getting into previous periods.

If it is not set then set them and do an actions revalidate. If it is set then cancel the journal entry and then run the wip recon report for that posting attempt and look at the entries at the end. If you have a bad control or nonexistent account you will see pipe signs | where you would normally see dashes.