Cost Rollup - schedule to run nightly?

Hello: Version 8.00.810C - I want to schedule the cost rollup for manufactured parts to run every morning at 3:00 am. However, it does not appear that Vantage will allow me to do this. Am I missing something? I find it surprising that they would design the system so you can set-up a schedule for global scheduling but the system doesn't allow you to schedule regular cost rollups?

It seems that I can save the Load Cost Details to a process set and I can save the Costing Workbench Reports to a process set, but then when I try to add the Cost Rollup or the Post Cost Set, the button for 'save to process set' is grayed out and my only option is the button for immediate processing.

If Vantage does not allow you to schedule cost rollups so the only option is to run it manually, how do other companies manage the need to frequently perform cost rollups and eliminate chance of human error resulting in the cost rollup no being done?

Virginia Joseph