Costs hung up in WIP after PUR-ADJ transaction



I believe that the completed quantity being less than the production quantity is part of the problem.  Being responsible for reviewing and closing our jobs, I always make sure that the job demands equal activity (shipments/receipts to inventory).


To fix your problem, open job tracker, go to the operations list and determine which operation is checked as your final operation.  Calculate the variance in Run Qty vs. Qty Completed; that’s how many you’ll need to report in Job Adjustment.

In Job Adjustment, enter job number and operation step.  Enter employee # (I usually enter my own) and the needed Labor Qty.  Make sure the Complete box is checked and hit the Adjust button.


When you go to Job Closing, you shouldn’t get the warning.  If you run Inventory WIP Recon Report, you should see the MFG-VAR transactions that you’re looking for.


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We have some costs hung up in WIP, from a PUR-ADJ transaction.
  • A Job was created (demand via a Sales Order)
  • A PO was placed for the materials for the job (line type Purch to Job)
  • The materials were received (debiting WIP crediting Accrued Recvngs)
  • The job was shipped (debiting A/R clearing, crediting WIP)
  • The suppliers invoice was entered, but the material costs were $10 less than what was on the PO (The PO value being what was debited to WIP upon their receipt).  This created a PUR-ADJ tran debiting WIP the difference.
  • Capture COS/WIP Activity was run (with Post to GL and Post COS/WIP both set to "Yes")
How do I get that $10 (diff between the PO and the Suppliers invoice) out of WIP?  

When we have a cost change to stocked material, it creates a ADJ-CST transaction (crediting/debiting our "RAW MATERIALS" and "INVENTORY ADJ" accounts (which keeps our Inventory value correct).  I thought the Capture COS/WIP process would create a transaction to one of the Variance accounts. 

P.S. In the Job Closing program, I get the warning "The completed qty is less than the production qty, continue?"  The Job Closing screen shows that the entire job qty was shipped.  Is this possibly part of the problem?

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As a follow-up.....
1. The "PUR-ADJ" should have been "ADJ-PUR"
2. According to the "How does the system assign G/L account numbers to inventory transactions?" help topic, ADJ-PUR transactions should:
(DR) WIP Variance, Expense, Inspection, or DMR
(DR/CR) the Clearing Acct