Counting Row Rules Color In Dashboard E9.05

Hi ,

I am not sure if this can be done , as i have tried experimenting and search to have no solution .

Example of the below dashboard . Is there a way to count the view rules color ? As a chart or summary to show management the statistics of the dashboard . Current day / Current week / Current month and total . Any help will be much appreciated . Thank you

Red = 3
Green = 1
Yellow = 1

Hi Mikel,

That is not possible using view rules, but one option you have to achieve that, is moving your formula to a calculated field in your dashboard’s BAQ and then using the Grid’s Group By functionality to let it Count items on each group. Example:

  • Display Fields:
  • Duration
  • Calculated_DurationColor with the logic of your current Dashboard rules (edit as required):

if (Duration < 30) then ‘GREEN’
else if (Duration > 30 and < 50 then ‘YELLOW’)
else if (Duration > 50) then ‘RED’

Now you will have a BAQ field with one of those color labels, or numbers 1, 2, 3 and 0, or any labels set of your choice.

Then you edit your Dashboard View rules to be:

Calculated_DurationColor Equals GREEN with Rule Action style = OK
Calculated_DurationColor Equals YELLOW with Rule Action style = WARNING
Calculated_DurationColor Equals RED with Rule Action style = ERROR

Then, make Group by visible on your Grid and group by Calculated_DurationColor. You will get a grouped grid result with the total of items on each group.

Similar to this example:

In your case, it will be as
-Duration: GREEN (30 items)
-Duration: YELLOW (2 items)
-Duration: RED (5 items)
-Duration: OUTOFRANGE (N items)

Hope that helps.

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Thank you for your alternative solution and it worked as a charm , only issue i have it when i save the layout and group it as it is , the group randomly collapses as the dashboard refreshes and overlaps behind the below BAQ . Is there a way to lock the group ?

Cant see the statistics as the dashboard refereshes and the group collapse and hide behind the below BAQ

Trying to have the group as below even after refreshing

Hi Mikel,
I have seen this behavior even in Epicor 10.x, so I guess the answer is no. I think you need to close it every time (the unfolded group) after refresh.

Maybe you can do something with custom code, but that will require an extra UI customization which I consider unworthy complexity.

If the problem is aesthetic, try docking the grouped grid somewhere else, for instance, to the right, that way it will not display too much empty space and/or reduce the main grid at the bottom. even if it is expanded, it will not look too bothering if it is at right panel.

give it a try :wink:

Hope that helps.

Thank you so much for your time and effort . Much appreciated