Create BPM to Show Message after Posting AR Invoice


Not sure if this is best practice but i am trying to create a BPM that will show a pop up message reminding our accounting user to close the associated sales order line when they post the invoice. I added an in-transaction data directive and set the condition “when the ttInvcHead.Posted field changes from false to true” and then attached the show message action to display my reminder. But i noticed that when you go to Actions>Group>Post it pops up a process box and thats how you submit an invoice for posting (not all that familiar with the AP/AR process’).

I then went in and changed the condition to “changed from any to another” thinking that once they hit the post process button it would through the message up but this did not work either.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

You may need to use a Method Directive, because the Posted isnt set to true by the User, it will be set to true by an Async System Agent.

The easiest option is to find a Method Directive using tracing that is hit prior to posting, maybe something like Ready To Calculate taxes. Otherwise you will have to deal with detecting the Process/Report submission Methods.

On the AP Side there are some better MDs that fire than on the AR.