Create multiple Textboxes on a dashboard


I created a dashboard to display a unit price of a part by a given customer. Would it possible to create, for example, three different textboxes for users to enter different parts and search them at the same time? I tried to use greater than or less then but this won’t work if the part numbers aren’t in a numerical order.

You could do it with code that concatenates the 3 fields, then uses Matches with it.
You would put the 3 fields on there to accept input, but have another field which has the Matches clause and that you fill based on the other 3.

The above is just a single field, but it’s from a working dashboard in our system, so I know the concept works

Hi Marjorie,

Thank you for your response. I am sorry I didn’t get back to you right away, it’s been busy. Could you explain it a little bit more? I tried in our Test environment and don’t seem to work.

Ok, there are 2 pieces involved in the example. The first is the text field that people see and enter data into. It is NOT part of the selection directly: (txtBusinessLine)

The second is the field that actually drives the selection: (txtBusinessLineFilter)

And I just realized this isn’t quite what you are looking for, but the reverse. :frowning:
What you want is to have the list of part numbers (up to 3) be used to filter the data, not have it be used to select all records which contain a given value.

The concept still might work if you can pass your list to the BAQ behind the dashboard, but I don’t know of a good way to do that. I am sorry for leading you in the wrong direction.

Don’t be sorry! I like the direction we are headed. I think this actually works better.

The problem is we have all our parts entered in a BASE price list. For some of our retail customers, for example, the part numbers usually end with a prefix. I want to exclude those parts if a person use this dashboard to generate a list for a non-retail customer. Or only looking retail customers’ part numbers. I don’t want them to do the “data clean up” in Excel because we have over 4000 parts in that price list. :joy:

This is just a random dashboard I made to text this out.
I made a calculated filed in the BAQ to group by different part numbers. For example, if part numbers end with “AA”, then customer A. If part numbers end with “BB”, then customer B. Or if a part is a retail or non retail part… On the dashboard, I have made two Textboxes, one is for entering date, the other is for filtering the grid.

So, how to tell my second textbox (filter data) to grab value form the first text box (enter data)? Do I need to set another TextedChange event on the second textbox?
Here’s my code and the properties setting.