Created and Last Modified on All Records

I find myself adding _UD Tables for stuff over and over again to track record creation and last modified either for tracing for mistakes or in customization land diffing between two databases easily.

also can we have current user who create or update. may we can append each time “~” separated

You lost me at ~

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I mean user id to append each time like epicor~manager~xyz. or something we are going to have separate table to store all three fields CreatedOn, ModifiedOn, Username, etc…

I’m not going to think too hard about the execution of it, my demands have merely been stated LOL

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I just don’t like the feeling that I added a BpDirective_UD and QueryHdr_UD table today.


Oddly enough, Part has had this since 10.0 but it’s never been exposed to the UI. :thinking:

Too late I added created and modified back on 9.05.602A


Didn’t everybody???


Hi Joshua,

I agree! Yes ~ then we wouldn’t need SalesOrderReleaseNew, PurchaseOrderReleaseNew, JobMtlAddedDate, etc. etc. We can’t be the only customers who add lines and releases and materials days, weeks, months after the original order date, job cut date, etc.! Changelog has info, but what about serving up in dashboards and reports… changelog is not good for that.


Epicor says use ChangeLog and then make some awkward Calculated fields to strip out the Created Date :smiley: – So I vote YES.

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