Creating a custom LaborDtl record from MES

I am wanting to create a LaborDtl record from a form via MES. This record represents waste. The usual way of entering waste at End Activity doesn’t cut it for us as operators encounter waste throughout a production run and for a whole raft of possible reasons so it is not practical to get them to jot it all down on a piece of paper and then enter the waste at End Activity, then restart production activity and end activity with the waste from another reason etc…
I want the shop floor operators to launch a form where they would enter a job (unless I could default this from what they have live, which would be ideal), and a qty (either in Metres or Bags) and a reason.
The form would then create a LaborDtl record with no time and just the waste and reason. I know this is possible to do as you can create such a record in Time and Expense entry, but that is not a feasible option for the shop floor.
Has anyone done anything similar or could give me some pointers as to how to tackle this?

I actually know what the laborDtl record. All I need to get is the Job number, operation number and the user from the MES system - if possible, and then qty, reason for waste and any comments from the operator at the time.

Design the form in Visual Studio.

Copy the whole Form Class into the Customisation.

Add the button to launch the form and in the Form’s OK button event, add the code to create the LaborDtl. (Do a trace to find out what calls are required, pretty sure you will need to get the LaborHed and then GetNewLaborDtlWithHdr).

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