Creating a new copy of the Epicor System

I have been tasked to create a replication of our current system so that users can log in and make changes and test different items without affecting our production database. I am relatively new to this, so any help in getting this done would be greatly appreciated. We currently have Pilot, Demo, Production and Test2 (which doesnt have our current data), and I would like to add a Test3 one. All of those other ones were created before I came on board here at my company. My boss wants the current live database data in the test3 system.

Thank you in Advance for any help.

If you have access to Epiweb, you can download offcial documentation like “Epicor10_NewInstallGuide_102500.pdf”, only restore your production database instead of creating a new database and set the new application server “Test3” to that database.


The “System Administration Guide” has a section “Move a Database from Production to Test”
(it really should be called “Copy a Database from Production to Test”)

If you use Veeam for backups checkout their Virtual Labs.

We have a complete copy of our prod server in an isolated network that we can spin up in a few minutes. This lets us test upgrades and fixes in our actual production environment. The only thing is you need the capacity on your server to run the copy of the vm.

Follow the new install guide and create a new app instance. Instead of creating a new database restore production into a new database called test3.